The Great Awakening out of Tampa Florida – Rodney Howard Browne

As a part  of Tampa Florida I feel like we are one big huge hammer and I’m inside of that hammer, we are together with Pastor and the team hitting down on all of the things that have held people back from winning the lost and now seeing the fruit come forth as we kick off the GA with new harvesters who are coming in to be trained is so awesome. This is only the beginning! Yesterday Wednesday Laurel a woman from Punta Gorda Florida on my soul winning team shared with me how she speaks to people about Jesus yet never actually prays with them to receive Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord.  She also made the statement something like “this is why I came to Tampa just for this afternoon so that I can receive training to be a soul winner and incorporate this in the things I will be doing in my life”, Pastor actually showed a brief testimony she tells of her experience out on the streets with us via a video recorded when we returned from soul winning yesterday and than aired on CTN across America Wednesday night sending a message to the people watching what God has done and will continue to do through one woman who made the decision to be a soul winner. What a tremendous encouragement this is to me! And how it blesses me to see Revival hammering down the Power of God from Tampa Florida to all across the nation! The Holy Ghost! God is moving as we are moving! We must be a part of that hammer the Word of God say’s “Is not my word like a hammer.  Also in (Jeremiah 1:7-10) God assured Jeremiah that He would be with him God is with us also in the same way! The Lord is with me!  Many great and awesome things are happening. On Monday night I felt the Presence of God starting to come over me in a very special way just as that is happening while Pastor Rodney is ministering to different ones in the meeting he also turns direct toward me saying “Fire” and falling backward I land on a media sofa and that’s a first for me as I lie there the bottom of my feet begin to burn I thought man I need to tell some one my feet are on fire.  On Wednesday night Pastor Rodney saw the Fire of God all over my daughter and he calls her up to pray for her and lay hands on her my words cannot express what happened inside of me it is a tremendous awesome blessing, seeing my teenage daughter being immersed into the Fire of God I am overwhelmed with all of this. We will need eternity to testify all what the Lord is doing. we are a part of making history and, God is recording all of these wonderful things that are happening in all of our lives.  This is tremendous!  And we get to be a part of it!  Hallelujah! –Margarita J.

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